So I’m beginning to build my copic sketch markers collection and boy are they an investment!!  These markers retail for $7.99 each!!!  I cannot afford buying markers for that much so I started my collection by buying off of ebay.  I won an auction for a used set and then realized I didn’t really want many of those colors so I started bidding on individual markers piecemeal.  In the end, bidding on markers piecemeal whether used or new basically cost the the same as using a 50% off coupon at Michaels and required way too much patience!

My best tip for you when starting your Copic marker collection is to figure out which kind of markers you want (Original, Ciao or Sketch) and then see which colors you would like to start with and then purchase markers in those colors in sets of three/four.  I wouldn’t start with the premade sets because there will probably be colors you won’t use and you don’t necessarily get all the markers that are required to optimize your blending.  Plus, the sets don’t save you any money so just get the colors you want!  See below for the websites that are super informative and where I started when I began my collection:

See below for a list of places where I have purchased Copic Markers:

Hope this steers you in the right direction!  Happy Coloring!!

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