Clear/Photopolymer stamps are thin, see-through stamps that require mounting on an acrylic block for stamping purposes.  They are my go-to stamps because they are a great solution for those crafters that don’t have much space to devote to crafting like me and I love how you can see right through the acrylic block and stamp to accurately place/line up the image on the paper.  While they stain pretty easily, their stamping ability is not affected.

Some tips and tricks I picked up along the way:

  • Rub the stamp surface with your hand before inking to get a smoother impression
  • To mount a clear stamp onto an acrylic block, place the stamp face-down on your paper and press the acrylic block onto the back of the stamp to pick it up
  • Use a mouse pad under your paper to get a better stamped image
  • Use baby wipes to clean stamps/acrylic blocks

When I first started out, I thought that $15 per stamp set (retail price for an average 4″ x 6″ stamp sheet) was way too expensive to spend on a stamp set so I ended up purchasing some cheaper stamp sets online.  Boy was that the wrong move.  I experienced so much frustration trying to get a clean and crisp impression.  I thought I was a complete stamping failure because all my images were splotchy and blurry.  I was so discouraged but I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman who helped me through my first stamping challenges.  She introduced me to some great stamp companies, inks, paper and techniques.

See below for a list of some of my favorite stamp companies:

If your budget is tight like mine is, you can usually find a good deal from the below vendors:

I hope this post points you in the right direction!  Happy Stamping!

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